Monday, February 2, 2015

Challenge Winner at Kit and Clowder!!!

Who Me!! I was just a little excited, not because I was the best colorist in the contest, because I am not that nieve or conceited, but close.  I colored a darling Ppinky image for the favorite Color combo challenge at Kit and Clowder this month, actually I colored 3 and Alyce chose this image as the winner for the Encouragement award:

I had worked hard on the hair, eyes, body and wings and in my true nature over did the wings, and in my opinion ruined them, by accenting the lower wings with a way too dark line of maroonish             ( technical color term LOL  ) in a totally non-Alyce flicking motion :)  Before I decided it was way too dark and uggly I had highlighted it with Atyou clear glitter pen and then there was no removing or blending out the color.  Sooooooooooooo   what to do....

I debated about just junking the whole thing, but I don't remember ever doing that with any image, they may have 52 layers of color but they will be fixed LOL.  Then decided that I could use strips of thin paper to "hide" the side marker and leave just a narrower bit showing.  In real life it actually looks better than when photographed which accentuates all faults.  The end result was that I was pleased enough to post the image at the last minute and Alyce said to enter it which I did and wahlaah,  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :)

The moral of the story is to never give up and just throw it away after you have worked so hard on something, find a way to fix it, no one but you knows that you really messed up unless you tell them, we really are our own worst critics and after all ....coloring is my therapy and I am so happy to be back creating again after last year.

In case you are wondering I am taking the Hair and Skin, and Clothing classes  here to improve my coloring techniques and because I can....Alyce is awesome.  The classes are wonderful and although I still kind of put my own spin on things ( go figure) like go lighter to darker and  and I will never be a flickin flicker no matter how much I practice, but I try, I can see a noticable difference in my DT work and all of my coloring.  Seeing light source and shadows has never been a problem for me but I tend to always source from one direction, so trying to use the classes to broaden my horizens.  They are reasonably priced and there is no time limit to finish.

Well, to say the least I was excited to have be in the Top 3 for this challenge and get to be a Guest Designer for the next Challenge, I will make the time :)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement and have a wonderful creative week :)


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