Friday, February 11, 2011

Messy Desk!! I mean Show Me Thursday/Friday here.

Sassy Cheryl's has a fun event weekly called, Show Me, where she shows what she is working on in hopes that we will show our messy desks and everybody can snoop (look) at what we are working on. It is kind of fun to see what everybody's work spaces are like and how they work.   The most intimidating part is showing my work space :).

My space has gotten very messy and I didn't clean it at all, yeah I know you are shocked, but it will get cleaned up and straightened out tomorrow, hopefully LOL.

Go to the Show Me challenge on Sassy Cheryl's blog and show us what you are up to!!!

Have a great day!!



Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

Not messy. . . .just inspiring. :)
I see some beautifully colored images there girlie!

Janetlynne said...

Great desk....what do you store your Copics in? looks like a basket...

Shirley said...

Your desk always makes me feel better about mine. Love the before the card images of the Grumpy Shamrock and the bear.