Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you dying of boredom yet. if not here is another Digital Image.

I have been working on some Brag Books and in the process of a Christmas one got sidetracked and made this did that happen LOL.  I love Vintage and this layout just lent itself too keeping going so I ran with it. I may end up being the back cover of the brag book, who knows.  Anyway I like it!!!:

I didn't realize it would show up without a border but it is 5X7 as that is the size of the brag book.  I love it. and I love playing with all the elements of the My Memories software. So fun to not have to search the internet for all the graphics you want to use and then edit them and then thrown them into your project, the software does it all for you.

Thanks for stopping by,  Now I have to go earn my crafting money :)


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Carla S. said...

Another gorgeous vintage design, Cathy! You are rocking the My Memories Suite!