Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funny Family Portrait Framed LOL

Today I found a picture that  I had printed and then I found a frame when I was cleaning off my sewing table so I decided to create this collage photo frame for it.  I added a lot of fun elements to go along with the theme.

The photo was taken by my niece, Tiffany Sellers, who is a phenomenal photographer.  She had not told us to get ready for the photo yet, obviously but decided to take a"before" shot and I am so glad that she did, I absolutely love it.  The best photo I think she could have taken to capture the essence of our fun loving family.  The metal tag at the top of the frame says it all:  Capture Life's Moments 

I have a spare bedroom in my house that I have decorated in all black and white with red accents, so that is the reason for the color choices.  All of the photos in the room are black and white photos and the frames are black.  The lamp has a red shade and a few other accents are red, this is one of the few framed pictures that actually has red in the framing.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy looking at this fun photo and it makes you smile just a little.


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fairysparkle said...

Cathy i really love this and what fun to be altogether as a family .I love that you have framed it .xx