Sunday, February 9, 2014

Play time for Me--Paper Flowers--Big Shock I know LOL

Hello, blog buddies,  I know you don't usually see me much except on Challenge days but I have spent a lot of time  this week just having a wonderful time playing with my toys and enjoying myself like I haven't done for ages plus the fact that I got a bunch of new toys to play with.  I spent 30 dollars and got 135.00 worth of new crafty toys.

Sadly the Archivers here in Omaha is closing,  I am going to miss them as they carried lots of my favorite products.  I went a few weeks ago and got a couple of Tim Holtz dies at 30% off since I spent 100.00. I decided that since they were getting near the end of the sale, I better see what else they had since the sale was now at 75% off.  I wasn't sure I would find much but I got 4 more TH dies, a couple of Sizzex dies, some ribbon(crochet) and what I am playing with right now. A quilled Flower template kit.  I have bought the tiny rose one before but this one makes different sizes and has instructions for more.  Plus I added my own touches....big surprise yeppers!!!

The flowers shown above in yellow are the large beauty  and the bud,  The paper is more copy paper weight and not cs weight, although cs would work too, they just won't be as pliable.  The purple and pink one is the medium bloom size but since I used two colors it came out the same size as the Beauty.  It was simple to roll both the layers at the same time using the quill tool and just glue the base together.  I am going to make one in  white and pink, I know it will be gorgeous!!! More play time is always a good thing.

The kit is made to be cut out by hand, but I knew I wouldn't be making too many if I had to draw them out and then cut them too.   I am not lazy, but I have toys for a reason!!!  I used my Fiskars circle blade template cutter and was just careful to stay inside the template lines so as to not cut into the template.  I cut the seams, and used my fancy edge scissors to but the outside edge of the circle, rolled with  my quill tool and I have these beautiful roses.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my playtime.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful creative week-end.


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