Friday, January 29, 2010

Lucky #13 Say Hello to Gage

Just when you think you are going to get a really quiet restful week-end, Surprise!!!

I got home from work last night at about 12:30 am and my daughter called at 1:15 and said that I needed to come watch the kids.  I had just gotten logged online to post my Sorry Shanna card so shut down the laptop, told my husband where I was going and headed the 10 min to her house.  I stayed up for updates until about 3:30 and then went to sleep as Austin had school today and we had to get up at 7.

Gage made his appearance at almost 3:00 p.m. today and weighed in at 7 lb 7 oz and 21 1/2 inches long.  Gage is our 13th grandchild.

Here are a couple of pix for your viewing pleasure:

 I will post my Sorry Shanna card tomorrow night.  We have a big day tomorrow.  Because Mom is at the hospital, Grandpa Jim is taking Austin to a Boy Scout archery instructional class with his troop.  From there his Dad is taking him to a Birthday party for a classmate at the Humane Society and right after that is Cole's 5th Birthday Party. 

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Lynn Stevens said...

Cathy ,this is unreal my nephew and his wife had their baby yesterday around 3 p.m and named him Gage also! Wow, he weighed 6 lb 8 oz!
Congrats on being a Grandma again!

Betty Benton said...

Wow! You and Lynn certainly have something in common!! Congratulations on the new grandchild -- he looks just perfect to me!!

Elaine L. said...

Congratulations, Grandma! He's a cute little thing!

Theresa Momber said...

Awesome, news! Congrats, Cathy!

Caryn said...

Aw, congratulations to all the family - what a cutey!

caryn xxx

Chrissy D said...

What a SWEETIE!!! Beautiful baby- congratulations on the newest member of your family/ loved ones.

Shelly said...

Precious! Congrats to you & your family :-)Isn't being a grandma fun?

Gina said...