Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making Cricut Rolled Flowers--Yep I am playing!!!!

Hi everybody.  I have been busy cleaning my stamp area tonight and that brought about the make some paper flowers....I have tons, literally, of paper scraps to use and since I love the look of rolled flowers I decided to make some tonight.  Here is what I am making, a work in progress:

I looked online and found some free SVG files to use with my Cricut Expression machine and the ones I liked the most were created by Cheryl First.  Thank you so much Cheryl for doing all the hard work for me and allowing me to just do the fun part :).

I downloaded her file and put it into my Sure Cuts a Lot program and at the size she had it, which is the red one above, I could place 6 flowers on a 12X 12 sheet.  They end up being about an inch tall and inch and a half across.  Great for boxes or larger projects.  That being said and since I usually make cards I needed smaller flowers. so I decided to size them to 12 to a sheet.  12 to a sheet are the orange/rust double sided flowers which end up being about 3/4  inches tall  and about an inch across.  I will use this size some so I saved the sheet to my folder so I wouldn't have to create the sheet again.

When I created the smallest flower sheet I made them about an inch and a half square and placed them as close as I could and placed 35 on the 12X12 sheet.  I just hook up my USB cord and click the cut and the Cricut cuts my file.  It is really pretty awesome.

Assembling the flowers is really simple. I use the tweezers you see in the photo and roll the flower starting from the open outside edge and basically twirl the flower around the tweezers until I reach the center which ends up being the flower base.  I use Aileens Clear Gel Tacky Glue and cover the coils, which have been gently uncurled from the tweezers and allowed to loosen a little until you get the size flower you want, and then I gently hold the flower from the top with my thumb and forefinger from the bottom to allow the glue to set for a few minutes,  Then I set them aside and move to the next flower. 

The reason I did the smaller ones in white was so I could spray them with copics to match any color I wanted to match and could have them made ahead.....the old mind is always thinking of time saving.  I do like the multi colored flowers too so you will see both.
Hope you enjoyed this post....thought you might like to see the flowers before they were.  If anyone has a cricut and would like the link to Cheryl's file let me know.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by .



*CAFE said...

Hi, Cathy!
Thanks for giving the credit for my files for the flowers - I had someone stop by and let me know you sent them! :0) I have a small request, name's Cheryl First, not Crissy First. :0) Could you please correct that in your post? I would really appreciate it!
I'm so glad you like the file, and the flowers you made are gorgeous! :0) Happy Crafting!
-Cheryl First

Cathy said...

Oops Cheryl, I was trying to be good, I have corrected the post. I do love your flowers :)

Virgo5 said...

Wow Cathy these are awesome! I've been eyeing the cricut flower shoppe cartridge and thought that's how you made these. I can't afford the cartridge, but would love a link to Cheryl's! TFS

The Wired Angel said...

I knew it was just a matter of time before you bought SCAL!! Don't you just love it? Now I'm off to check out Cheryl First's site.. Woot!!

Maria said...

Could you send me the svg file still? I'd love to make some for my daughter's wedding!