Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These could belong to me :)

Mo's Digital Pencil has come out with a series of images called "Big Guy" and they are so cute and funny too.  When I first saw this image I knew what I had to do.  Living in the midwest summers bring "farmer tans" you know when guys wear T-shirts so they tan faces, and arms from mid bicep down!!! Yep, that's the image.  Don't get me wrong farmers shouldn't go bear chested as it is too much sun exposure and skin cancer is a real threat but this image is still funny!!!

I named my card "It Happens" because this could be my husband and dog.  The dog doesn't know any better, the human does LMBO.
I don't know why I couldn't envision this colored differently the first time but I just had to do it this way, just once. 
Look at that smile, on the human and dog and the earphones...Way cool Dude!!!
The Big Guy series is so awesome and are perfect for that husband, brother, son, father, or grandfather.  Check them out in the Mo's Digital Pencil Store.

Thanks for stopping by.  Just had to share this with you.



Anonymous said...

What a great image! And I know exactly what you mean - he could belong to me too :) Wonderful, fun card.

Marlene said...

Oh my gosh - how freaking funny!!! Love that you gave him a "farmer's tan"! This is fantastic!

Mo Manning said...

Cathy -- this totally cracks me up -- I never saw my dad without the two-toned arms and he worked at IBM!! :) Gonna have to show this one to my mom for sure. xoxoMo

Ann English said...

OMG, Cathy-I LOVE this guy---the farmer's tan is a hoot!

ursula Uphof said...

Love this card, must go and have a look at those images.