Sunday, April 7, 2013

I made my own Washi Tape

I have been looking at all of the pretty paper , Washi,  tape everyone has been using and wanted some but it can get really expensive if you start buying it to go with all of your different colors and designs, so I went to You Tube and it has been around for a while (yeah, where have I been )  and there are some interesting videos on how to make it yourself.

I watched a couple of videos and took some ideas from several of them and came up with this:  I used Double sided tape, I bought two different widths, 1 inch and half inch, and used tissue paper I already had, which by the way took me hours to find grrrrr, that's what I get for cleaning and putting things away LOL.  I had mint green, pink, neon orange white, and a pretty vintage roses.  I did find them, as I am relentless :)

Because you only need to make a few strips at a time if you want you can make a little or a lot, but while I was making it I thought I would make a few strips and because I didn't want to have to keep stamping and stamping the strips I decided to use my Stampin Up wheel stamps, after all I have them and the ink cartridges so they get a continuous ink supply so that is what I used...

As you can see the printing is reversed as the tape is placed on the back side of the tissue paper after I rolled on the stamped image.  You can also put the tape on the tissue paper and then roll on the sentiment if you prefer, either way works.because you will trim the tissue to the width of the tape to finish it.

I wish I had an ink cartridge for the jumbo handle but I only have them for the small roller which is the sentiment I used for the tape I made in the sample.
Here is how you place the tape on the sentiment after it has been rolled onto the tissue paper.  You have to be careful not to get wrinkles in the paper as they will not come on and the tape is not repositionable, don't ask me how I know :).  If you use white you can airbrush the tissue if you don't have colored tissue paper also.  The adhesive is clear so the red is just the removable strip of my tape I bought at Michael's.

Maybe you can see the samples above a little better with the white polka dots how it shows up on the tissue paper and then I have the tape on the pink tissue below which will be clear once the backing is pulled off :).

I have an example of a finished pink strip I made with half inch tape and pink tissue paper and Sienna ink cartridge.

I don't usually do tutorials of what I do but I thought this was fun and someone else might have roller wheels and might want to make some washi tape too.  You can certainly stamp onto the tissue paper too and not use the wheels it would certainly turn out the same but I am kind of a lazy stamper and try to save time whenever I can.  and I love using what I already own when I can, just don't tell my  husband :) that can be our secret.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful creative day.



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Pat said...

Hey Cathy...yikes...a tutorial? This retirement thing is definitely agreeing with you!! What a fun idea!! I can't wait to see what you do with the Cathy-created "Washi" tape!! I must be living in a cave 'cuz I know next to nothing about Washi tape!! aacckk! Love your cleverness, girlfriend!! Hugs. Pat