Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What do you think ...a Valentines Card?

Hi guys,

I colored this image last night using Young Love from Mo's Digital Pencil.  Isn't it sweet?

Don't they look cute?  I couldn't wait to get this image and then I couldn't wait to color it and you know I couldn't wait to show it to you.
I still can't decide if i want to make an anniversary card or a Valentines card with this double pair of love birds.  Any suggestions are welcome!
Just a quick post.

I am really depressed as Omaha is going to get slammed with another huge ice/snow storm and I won't be having my big Christmas Family gathering as planned.  It was going to be the first time in a couple of years that all of my kids and grandkids were going to all be here and I have been planning it for months.

We are getting freezing drizzle right now so don't even know if I can get to work tomorrow morning.
Enough whining.

Looks like I will be coloring and making cards instead of celebrating, at least I have something theraputic to do :)



Juls said...

this is just fab!! such a great image! and your colourign is amazing!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fantastic card- beautiful coloring. Sorry to hear about your weather putting a damper on the holiday....we are having freezing rain here too- I would love to not have to work tomorrow!

Debby said...

It is indeed a lovely image and your coloring is gorgeous!

Virgo5 said...

Beautiful Cathy, your colouring is fantastic!