Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life's Too Short...Be a Fool!!!

Sassy Cheryl came up with this way too funny jester that I just had to color.  It has been a super busy week and this little guy just kind of sums up my sentiments!!!  Life's too Short...  What do you think?

You have got to check out Sassy Cheryl's newest images...they just keep getting better and better.  I can just see sending this darling jester to someone who needs a laugh...I don't care who you are this would make you smile :)
After a day near 70 degrees yesterday and today snow , yep the ground is covered again, what's up with that?????
This guy brought a smile to my heart today too.

I am hoping for a quiet day today as my Friday off was anything but....It seems that nobody thinks that when you have a day off that YOU might actually have something planned.

I have been trying to get new contacts that are working for me.  To me it seems redundent to have to wear reading glasses with contacts.  In this day and age there has got to be a pair that works.  I am blind as a bat reading but still have pretty near perfect vision for distance.  Three pairs of contacts later and I think that my awesome optomotrist has finally got the perfect pair for me.  I can read the computer perfectly and the printed digi images are no longer blurry...YIPPEEE.  Now I really don't have any more excuses LOL/

Have a great week-end everyone. 

Hope you get some time to Color, I know I will. 



Betty Benton said...

She really has done it again! What a happy image -- and your card is wonderful! You're right, it will surely bring a smile to the recipient! Just posted a card for your Mo challenge!

Silli said...

Such a cute image! Love your card Cathy! happy weekend!

Marlene said...

It's stinkin' adorable - that's what it is!!! :)

Weather here today is supposed to be 70 and sunny...and tomorrow, 71 and sunny. I'm not complaining! Please don't bother sharing your snow. I'm so over that already. ;)

Gerrie Johnnic said...

So Laughable! Beautiful colors GF!

Heather said...

Yep he's super cute!! Snow for you too..YUCK!! Happy Saturday..

IsabellasSketchbook said...

Very cute card! Love the colors.

Cheryl said...

Love, love, love him. He may have to be my first attempt at coloring. Yes, you've inspired me.