Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lookie what I made......Beautiful Paper Roses

A little bit different post tonight.  I saw a card created by Lisa Godfrey over at Sassy Cheryl's Paper Craft Planet tonight and thought they were really cool.  Went to her blog and thought she might have been the creator and give instructions..No such luck but went back to the Sassy Cheryl's group to leave her a comment on her card and she had posted the link to the tutorial on how to make them...I was on my way..Here is what I created.
Can you believe that each of these roses was created using only one 3 1/2X 3 1/2 square of dp.  These are some of the most beautiful and realistic looking paper roses ever.  The only problem witih them would be that you could never mail the card you put them on as mine ended up being about an inch high.  I will try to make some smaller ones tomorrow but I wanted to show these to you.  I need to figure out my leaves to go with them but aren't they gorgeous?
Thanks Lisa for creating your beautiful card and for sharing the following link:  

I plan to use the orange rose on my Sassy Cheryls' challenge card this week, 

I had a busy week-end and was just feeling really lazy so didn't get much craft work done to show you.  I spent most of my time coloring and piddle farting around making these beautiful flowers, but it was fun.  I have to go to work tomorrow but the weathermen are telling us that it is supposed to be in the 70's this week.  I am so ready, just wish I looked better it spring/summer clothes.  You can hide a lot of faults under sweatshirts and sweaters :)

Thanks for stopping by.

This week I will have 3 challenges for you.  Tuesday will be Sassy Cheryl's Weekly challenge,  Riley and Company's bi-weekly Challenge with Silke as hostess this week, it's a sketch challenge.  Thursday is Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge.

Well, I am going to go to bed as I have to be at work at 11 tomorrow...

Happy Coloring



Lisa and Eddy said...

So glad you made some!! Your welcome for the link....just sharing the passion for our craftin' :) cheers!

Ann English said...

Wow, love these. Plan to check this out!

Anonymous said...


Heather said...

Awesome tutorial.. Thanks for sharing..

Marlene said...

These turned out GREAT!!!! Wish I had the patience, as paper roses are my weakness.

IsabellasChallenge said...

Love these!!!