Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check it Out!

You have got to see what my friend Lynn Stevens, who is also a Guest Designer for Artistic Outpost, made for me. Well, you get to because here is a picture of it now:

This darling bracelet is so jam packed with treasures that I could hardly photograph all of them. The angel medalions have glitter inside and are just precious. The Monopoly pieces, scrabble blocks, tiny dominos, bingo buttons, jacks, gems what a treasure.

I have always admired Lynn's style and using antique treasures in her creations. When Lynn creates them it is definitely Trash to Treasures Art, which is the name of her blog. If I tried to do the same thing it would be treasures to trash :)

You could get a Treasure from Lynn too by entering a contest on her blog. It is kind of a fun contest because you have no clue what you are going to receive, but I can guarantee you that if Lynn created it, it will be a wonderful surprise! Here is the link to the Contest:

On a totally different subject--At midnight last night(this morning) I posted my first 2 projects as the Guest Designer for Melanie Muenchinger( I still can't believe I am saying that :) ), I knew that Melanie is such a respected artist and so darn creative that I would get some traffic to my blog. I can't check my blog from work, for some reason they think we are supposed to earn our paycheck?!? ha ha. When I got home I had a lot of comments on my two blog posts which always thrills me that people actually take the time to comment. I usually have between 20 to 50 visitors per day which for someone like me is cool. I had 725 hits at 6:00 tonight and at midnight I had 804. Thank you all for stopping by and thank you to those who also left a comment. I am as bad as the next person for visiting a blog and not leaving a comment :)

I should have another project for Melanie soon, I need to touch base with her before I post anything else to my blog.

I almost forgot, Melanie's A Charmed Life set that I am using this month was released for sale tonight so you can buy this wonderful, versatile set.

The other big project that I have been working on is quickly approaching and I am going to be getting some new Dog Gone Stamps ( as soon as I mail off her sample cards :) they are coming Nancy, I have them gathered up and just have to put them in the envelope, I'm thinking Saturday morning.

Gotta quit for now, I have been sitting at a computer for 15 hours straight now and that is enough.

See you tomorrow,



Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Cathy, I.m so glad you like it. I thought about you the entire time I was making it!! Were your ears burning? Thank you for posting a picture too. I totally forgot to take one.
Congrats on your fantastic turnout for your guest artist spot!!Wow , thats alot of lookers, hopefully they all let you know how much they enjoyed your work!! I,m sure it will boost sales too!!
Hugs Lynn

Patti J said...

What a beautiful gift! You must be a very special friend!

Melanie said...

this is awesime, i lvoe art made from found objects, you had me at the "scrabble tile"!!