Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wine Glass Charm

Okay, I had this great idea to make a wine glass charm using shrinky dink and Melanie Muenchinger's Jumpin for Joy and A Charmed Life stamp sets. It was great in theory and worked out pretty good until it came time to photograph it. 3 hours and 50 photos later this is the best I could get, urggggghhhhh!!!

Here is a close up of the cute seal from Jumpin for Joy set Melanie created last year for GinaK Designs.

Just to prove that in real life you can see the detail of the charm :) Little tip: You can not color on the smooth side of the shrinky dink material, but, if you are careful and do not lay the piece down on anything( or the ink will rub off) you can flip it over and color the backside(rough side) and when you heat the shrinky dink the color melts into the piece.

The other shrinky dink tags say" Save the Date" from A Charmed Life and "taking the plunge" part of the stamp "Congrats on taking the plunge", from Jumpin for Joy.

I will guarantee you that if you make this project you will really like it, it just doesn't photograph well because the material makes it impossible to photograph well.

I don't know how many of you are pro's using shrinky dink material but I just started using it about a month ago. I love it for tags and now charms, but I have a problem with it laying flat. I discovered today that once I have it completely melted and it is laying as flat as it is going to I flip it over and press down fairly firmly with one of my acrylic blocks. It worked really nicely on the seal which had fins and a tail piece that wanted to curl.

I will be back with more projects later. I was home sick today so I got this project done earlier in the day.



Theresa said...

I love this Cathy! I had hoped to do some shrinky dink charms and never got around to it. Yours came out beautifully. It gets frustrating trying to get good photos of anything shiny, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This is great!I have not used shrinky dink in years....I need to get some.

Hope you feel better soon!

Donna B. said...

cute, Cathy!!!

Patti J said...

This is too cute! What a great idea - I have not used Shrinky Dink in quite some time. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn Stevens said...

They look great! By the way did you see the write up for your Circus goodies? Way to go girl!!!
I hope you had a great weekend.

catdidit said...

Oh I can tell this is just beautiful though! What a neat idea! LOVE it Cathy!

And the only thing I like to color the shrinky dink with is pencils, and the colors get so vibrant after you heat it too.