Monday, December 8, 2008

Look what I bought for my Birthday

Look at what I bought for my Birthday. Isn't it cute. It is a Mazda Tribute. I think of it as my wanna be SUV.
I took a break from stamping tonight and so instead of showing you a card or project I decided to share my present. It will be my presesnt for the next 5 years but that is okay it is worth it.
I have been downloading music to my MP3 player tonight so I can listen to music while I stamp and I can listen to music at work. I work for Marriott International in the Internet Customer Care Department so mostly answer emails all day. We'll have to see how that works out with listening to music because I have a hard time listening and not singing.
I am a good singer but my daughter, who has my sense of humor, once asked me if I knew who was singing a particular song that I was singing along with. I told her the artist and she said, " good, then let them sing it" She is the same daughter who was having an arguement with her older sister when she was 5. My older daughter thought she would end the arguement by saying, "Do I have concern written on my forehead?" My darling little girl answered, "yes, and it is spelled wrong".
I am sure that is much more than you want to know about me but may give you some insight as to why coloring is sooooo theraputic for me ha ha. I raised 3 girls and one boy and they all have grown up to be wonderful adults although I threatened to have them freeze dried at age 10 until 18.
My daughters are now my best friends and we all share a love for creativity.
Just wanted to share a little something with you tonight. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, if not come back tomorrow night I will have another project for you :)
Good Night


Theresa said...

Yay! Congrats and happy birthday!

Anita Van Hal said...

OMG! Your two daughters sound just like my two granddaughters who are now 10 and youngest granddaughter has a quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor like many in our family...we were cracking jokes, and Brianna, the oldest, not knowing when to quit and just let what she said be funny, went on and on...her younger sister said, "Brianna, the moment's gone..." and Brianna replied, "I made the moment and I can bring it back!" You know, sometimes Brianna, you just have to learn to let go...LOL

Thanks for brought a smile to my face...btw, your Copic coloring is amazing, and I absolutely love the circus art...the hourglass is sheer genius, and beautiful to literally took my breath away! Very creative!