Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a Cutie Pie Valentine!

I know that it is less than a week until Christmas but I am tired of making Christmas cards so I'm not. I got these new stamps yesterday from Artistic Outpost and couldn't wait to play with them.

The stamp set is called Cutie Pie and was a new December release at Artistic Outpost. I had chosen the Vintage Circus stamp set for my release set as a Guest Designer so had to wait until the new stamps were actually released to get this darling set. The images are all cute but this is my favorite so it got to make it's appearance first.

I had colored one little majorette already with a white skirt and hat but the lace heart I wanted to put it on was off white, so it didn't work. I colored another with beige and brown tones with more a burgundy red shirt and boots for a more antiqued look. I added a burgundy ribbon and a antique silver heart to the ribbon knot.

I had a few issues (personal) with this new set. I had gotten two stamp plates from Artistic Outpost in my order yesterday. I waited until dinner was over to cut them out. I cut out both sets and then brought out my cookie sheet covered with waxed paper that I use to set the stamps on to apply the glue to the back. The glue is just sticky enough that they will adhere to the acrylic blocks. I use Ailene's over and over which I apply thinly, with a 1/2 inch artist brush, to the back. I leave them on the cookie sheet over night and they are ready to use the next day. I cut a 8 1/2 X 11 acetate transparency sheet cut in half to put my stamps on and they slide right back into the original plastic packet with the index card. Well...........I started mounting my stamps onto the transparency sheet and realized that I was missing the largest heart stamp from the Cutie Pie set. I remembered that I had cut it out as it was the first stamp I cut out.

I dug through the trash to see if I had thrown it away accidently. I know it is disgusting but it is just paper and coffee grounds, but to no avail. No heart stamp. I finally gave up and figured that it was gone for good. I was creating this project and thought I might want to put a sentiment along with the heart charm and guess what, the seriously cute stamp is MIA also. It wasn't late and I never moved anything from the table except to throw the scraps away. I have no clue what happened to them. Long story short, I ordered another Cutie Pie set and while I was at it ordered Snowy Woods too, hate to waste the shipping on one set. Any excuse to get a new set works for me.

Enough about my mental lapse, what do you think of my little majorette on the lace heart? I had bought the lace hearts a few years ago when I was making rag quilts and still had a few left and thought it would be really cute with this Vintage Valentine set, I think I was right.

I have to go wrap my Christmas presents which I have put off as long as I possibly can.

I am sure that I will have a post each night this week as we are not having our family Christmas until next Saturday. I have to work Christmas Day and the following day. That gives all the kids time to have their Christmas with the kids at home and then come to Omaha for the week-end. Hopefully the weather will straighten up and not be so frightfully cold.

See you tomorrow,


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Rachel Hope said...

So pretty!!! that image!