Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Wipe background technique

The StampTV tutorial last week was making a background using a babywipe. I have done the babywipe technique where you use the babywipe as an ink pad to get a varigated color stamping, but Gina's plaid background was really cool and I wanted to try it. Here is what I came up with:

Isn't that a cool plaid background. Be sure to check out the StampTV tutorial to see how easy this really is.

Did you notice the little crochet flower in the lower right hand corner. I made it. I am so terrible at following crochet directions that once I get the basic idea I make up my own pattern as I go along. It has taken me 3 days but I think I finally have a mental pattern that works. This was one of my beginning ones but I still like it. It is made from crochet thread and a fairly small crochet hook. Maybe tomorrow I will show you how I make the crochet flowers.

I was finally getting caught up on my stamping and my back decided to go out on me. I was home today and may try to go to work for half a day tomorrow. I don't have too many problems once I get standing or sitting it is just the in between movement.

Gotta go, see you tomorrow.


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Lynn Stevens said...

really nice, gonna have to check out that background technique, Hope your back is feeling better!