Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Charmed Life Jewelry Set!

I created a Jewelry Set of earrings and a pendant using Melanie Muenchinger's, A Charmed Life ,and I really like the way my first attempt at jewelry making turned out. This stamp set is available at GinaK Designs.

I mentioned yesterday that I bought some faux Vintage buttons to use on my more vintage style cards. I was outside with the dogs and thinking of other projects when I thought that the buttons would make a wonderful earring and necklace set. My ideas are usually pretty good in my mind but to get from point A to point finished sometimes uses a lot of alternate plans :) Here is what I created:

I thought that it would be pretty to just stamp one of the tiny charms directly onto the half pearl, yeah, impossible to do. I decided that since the half pearls pop out that I would stamps the sayings that I wanted onto some sticky labels and adhere them to the center, Not so pretty.

I did stamp the phrases Mazal Tov! on the earrings and Like fine wine you improve with age! on the pendant. I stamped the phrases on shrinky dink frosted and punched the earring phrases out with a 1 inch circle punch and I punched the pendant circle out with a 1/38 SU punch. I had never done these before so I was guessing at the correct circle size and miracle of miracles my guess was perfect. I had to place a small white circle over the holes on the button backs where the half pearls snapped in. I found a pair of pierced earring backs and glued them to the back of the button. I don't make jewelry so I didn't have a way to hang the pendant from a chain. I did have some small gold D rings that I use for ribbon so I glued one to the bottom side of the button top lining the loop I left peaking at the top with the lettering so that it would hang straight when worn. I let this all dry over night and mounted the earrings on the display hanger to take the picture.

What do you think of my first attempt at jewelry making?

I will be back in a bit with a Copic Challenge Card to post.



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Patti J said...

OMG - can't believe this! It's amazing! Thanks so much for sharing...

Lynn Stevens said...

Look at you, spreading your wings and flying!! I'm impressed, congrats on your first jewelry pieces, just Lovely they are!