Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Inklined -- Weekly Freebie and funny story :)

I love getting free things, especially digital images that are as beautiful as the images offered weekly by Just Inklined.  Here is the freebie this week:  Christmas Robins:

I'm going to tell you  a kind of funny story about Robins.  When Jak sent the DT a similar image earlier in the week it had Birds by a snow covered birdhouse called Kissing Robins.  Well being an American and being raised in Iowa and now living in Nebrasks everybody knows Robins migrate and are not around during the cold snowy months.  So being the bright child I am, I sent Jak an email saying the image wasn't realistic as Robins are not around to be placed in snow covered houses.   I am not sure I would have wanted to be in her office when she got my email.
Jak sents back a very polite email stating that in England they have Robins in the Winter...I responded politely stating it must be just too d....n cold in Nebrasks for the Robins to hang around.    Now I need to find out what is up with this  LOL   I did a Google search of Robins native to the United Kingdom and they have the most beautiful bird called a European Robin that does indeed stay all year round and apparently frequents the lovely English gardens and sings beautifully.  I actually think they are prettier than the North American Robin...I love learning new stuff.
I have to keep remembering  I am the  lone American on the Team, although the Guest Designer this month Joyce is from Canada,
Enough about that, isn't this the most wonderful freebie.  I of course colored the beautiful European Robins in the colors shown on the website I found called Birds of the English Gardens.  I thought it would be pretty framed with my scalloped spellbinder   Don't wait another week to start getting the newsletter so you don't miss out on another single free image and news about all that is going on at Just Inklined.  I didn't want to detract from the beautiful birds so just used a MS loopy corner punch for the dp over the white main layer.
A beautifuil ribbon and red spiral flower spritzed with Glimmer Mist. I really like the way it turned out.

Have a great day.


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Hahaha!! ^.^ Are you typing from the naughty corner now??? Lol Winter wouldn't be winter in the UK without our gorgeous lickle robins :)
Gorgeous card though Cathy xx

Elaine L. said...

Hi, Cathy!
I just picked this image up the other day and can't wait to get to coloring it!
Love your card!That ribbon is great.
Here in New Hampshire there are places where robins stay year-round, too, Mostly in low, protected areas. I can't imagine what they find to eat, because some of our winters do get pretty intense. We don't see them around our house until spring, though.

Cynthia said...

Love the coloring of this digi. I popped over and picked up the freebie. Cute Stuff! I'll be visiting them again.

Anonymous said...

Lovely card and beautifully coloured.
Our Robins can get quite tame too- we had a pair in our garden shed that actually came and sat on my daughters hand to eat food from.

Debs said...

Ha Ha!! Our Winters wouldn't be Winter without the cute robins on our garden gate. Off now to google what an American Robin looks like. Debs xx

Cheryl said...

Funny story. Yep, Robins don't rear their heads here until it gets warm! So I can relate. Beautiful card!

Linda C said...

Robins are all over my South Carolina back yard, but they won't be here if it snows. They take cover inside with the remote and hot chocolate. Ha Ha.

ursula Uphof said...

Love the Robins. We don't get them here in SA. How do I subscribe to the newsletter, would like to get the freebie as well.

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