Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Unicorn Card

Doesn't this little unicorn look happy and bright. I love using the Copic technique called Gradiant. It is a method where you blend the colors into each other and get a really smooth color transition. It is really hard to do this on a stamped image and takes quite a bit of practice to keep all the blending inside the lines as you push the colors together during the blending process. I'm getting better.

I got the scalloped flower border along the bottom at Michaels the other night in their bargain bin. It is a Martha Steward favor package and it was marked down to 99 cents.

After I colored the main image and sponged the edges I attached the scalloped border to the bottom and added the two bands of ribbon from my ribbon stash. I know it is a pretty extensive stash, but I usually have something that I can use in that stash. One of these days I will get it better organized. I currently have a drawer that I go to first, then two additional totes. I wasn't kidding when I said it was extensive.

I am going to make one more Unicorn card yet tonight. Because they are images that I downloaded I used the printer option to mirror the image and it will be facing the opposite direction. If it turns out good you will probably see it tomorrow or Monday.

I didnt get to stamp at all today, decided I needed to reclaim my kitchen and do laundry. My daughter and her 3 kids came over for the afternoon and it was finally warm enough that we went out and played in the snow.

Cole is my almost 4 year old grandson and he built a snow man today and was really proud of it. Here is a picture:

Doesn't he look ornery? The baby was getting cold so Cathryn, I and Bailey went inside and Cole stayed out to play some more. Pretty soon I looked out and saw Cole by the swingset eating the carrot. He was dipping the carrot in the snow and eating the carrot and snow.

It was a fun day but I have lots of projects that I need to do yet tonight and tomorrow so I need to go get busy. See you tomorrow. Have a good one.


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Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

Holy Cow! You're a grandma????? You don't look old enough! He's adorable. Oh, so is the unicorn!