Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two more Artistic Outpost new release etched glass projects!

I can't say enough how much I love these new stamp plates from Artistic Outpost. My mind just keeps coming up with more and more projects that they would be perfect for....that's a good thing! Oh, gawd! I sound like MS :O Anyhoo, here are two more etched glass projects created with the Old Grist Mill stamp plate:
The oval mirror was purchased at an antique shop in Kansas a few weeks ago with this project in mind, I thought the oval fit the waterwheel stamp perfectly. This was my very first project etching glass and I had so much fun, I did the one below as well :). It is hard to tell from the picture that it is a mirror because I had to turn off the camera flash to be able to photograph it. (You can see my hand reflection in the paddlewheel). The metal frame was brown and a little rusty so I took the frame off of the mirror and cleaned it up and used Tim Holtz Pearl Mixative and Denim alcohol ink to create the faux marble frame. The prima flowers are sponged with denim blue Tim Holtz distress ink and my etched mirror was a success. I love it when what I want to do turns out good enough to show you!!!

Because I wasn't certain exactly whether I would ever want to do any glass etching again I bought a kit at Michael's because I knew I was going to do an etched glass something :) for this release. This glass square was the practice glass in the kit. Not wanting to waste anything I actually used the glass to create my project.
I followed the glass etching tutorial instructions on SCS for the most part. The Armour etching cream that I used said the leave the cream on no more than one minute and the SCS tutorial said 5 minutes. I did both with the same results. So with time usually of the essence, one minute is fine.
I got the self-adhesive aluminum edging at Michaels, in the Tim Holtz section, and spot welded a metal D ring on the top for a hanger. I had never spot welded before but it was kind of fun. Not something you could do with kids around though as the spot welder tip gets 900 degrees.
I really like the way that these two etched glass projects turned out and will be doing more etched glass in the future.
Have a great day.



Juls said...

wow! very creative!

Shar said...

Great projects! That is wonderful!