Friday, June 12, 2009

Polished Stone BG with Stained Glass Balloons?

Polished Stone background is the Technique this week on StampTV. I have done this technique many times but not usually this large of a picture. My favorite fixative to get the marble look is Pearl.
I tried to use both tutorials on one picture but the pearl fixative does not work with bleach :(
but I really liked the way the background turned out, cloudy sky looking and wanted to use the hot air balloon in my new StampTV kit, Eclectic Summer, that arrived today.
I followed the tutorial instructions of embossing the hot air balloons with black embossing powder and since the bleach didn't work to make the balloons more white against the cloudy sky I decided to use my alcohol reinkers, (terra cotta and current, the center balloon is pearl), directly applied with a paint brush. It turned out really cool, I think, because they inks are translucent and the polished stone background shows through and gives the appearance of stained glass.
Hope you like my version of PlanB when PlanA doesn't work :)

You'll have to forgive the photography, polished stone is very shiny and rather hard to get a picture without some glare, at least for me.

See you tomorrow!


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