Monday, June 8, 2009

Whew! Almost done!

Well as I stated yesterday I was going to move my stamp "stuff" downstairs and have a designated space to work. I worked my little legs until they wouldn't go anymore but I am 95% done. Here are some pictures:

This is the view of my stamping area with the closet door closed. The shelving between the closet door and bathroom door on the right is a white bakers rack .
I need some wall decor but that will come in time.
The only thing that I bought for this "move" was the over the door kids shoe storage to hold my punches. Yeah, it is full. I didn't put my Marvy punches in here because they are too heavy and I don't use them as much so easy to pull from a tote.

This is a view of the closet where I have all of my embellishments, My wood mounted stamp sets. I only have the ones that I use all the time, the rest are in under the bed storage bins in the spare bedroom for my hundreds of SU sets that I won't part with :)
This is a view of the area with the closet door
open. I only have two small tables set up because if I have more they will just become too cluttered, but if someone comes to stamp with me I have two additional tables that can be set up.
I will use my cuttlebug more since I have all the folders and my nesties are right there too!
I have my sewing machine plugged in and ready to pull up onto the table where the laptop is when I want to sew on a card.
My air compressor and copic airbrush system are plugged in and ready to use too. It will not have to be moved as there is enough hose to reach where I want to airbrush on the work table on the left.
My rolling computer chair works great for this L-shaped work area.
I am typing this from my new space and love it. It isn't fancy but it works for me. What do you think?
I will be back shortly with two more projects for the KLM Digital Design release today.
bye for now,


Mitzi Koons said...

It's looking great, Cathy! YAY!! Your own space! Enjoy =)

Patti J said...

Sigh...looks SO SO SO nice! Enjoy your space! You are such a talented lady-you deserve such a space!

Shar said...

Gotta tell you - your use of the shoe storage for punches is genius!