Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wish me Luck!!!

Today I decided that it was time to move my craft room out of my bedroom and use 1/2 the finished basement that doesn't get used except for when the kids and grandkids come. I have a large walk in storage room with shelves already built in that would be perfect for my totes of embellishments, and all my "stuff" I can use my compressor and airbrush anytime . I have a bathroom down there and a 25 in tv and DVD player.

It will probably take me all week-end (my week-end starts today as I work saturday nights) so I may not get to the StampTV challenges, we'll see.

I'll show you some pictures when I get done, if you don't see pictures by Tuesday, send the rescue squad to unbury me from the crapola :)


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Theresa said...

LOL! Good luck, Cathy!