Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to reality and My life!

Please don't give up on my guys! I had jury selection duty for a day and a half and then had to go to work from 5-12 but only made it till 10, I was pooped. What I have had time to do have been DT projects that I can't show you yet. I know keeps me busy but not very interesting for you to view.....nothing! :)
I should be able to get some coloring done tonight. I finished my third project for the Hanna Stamps Guest Designs Round2. That was a big accomplishment, that will be posted on Saturday and then next Saturday the final 6 will be named. Everybody wish me luck, it is such a talented groud in Round 2 that I will need it.
I may go down this week-end to see my new granddaughter but will have to play that by ear.
Gotta go to work right now, Just wanted to say hi and give you a couple of updates. Don't want you to think that I have dropped off the face of the earth!!!

Catch ya later,

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