Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer Fun was created as a reminder to young and old alike how much fun the small town carnivals are. When you are raised in a small rural community a Carnival in town is just as exciting as a Circus.

Send in the Clowns from Artistic Outpost was the perfect choice to use for my Summer Fun card. I colored the carnival image and sentiment with copic markers. I wanted to keep the color scheme bright and happy so I chose this fun polka dot and orange plaid dp.

I just happen to have lots of bright colored buttons in my button stash and thought they would add a nice touch. The scrabble tiles are something new that I just acquired. I have been looking high and low at thrift shops and good will stores but couldn't find any tiles so I finally went on e-bay.

I knew that in order to spell words I would need more than one set so I went with groups of 4oo or more. I set my limit including shipping and spent one whole Sunday bidding on 3 different auctions before I finally won a 511 tile group. The seller had a 100% rating and I know why. I paid with pay-pal the same night and my tiles were here on Wednesday. Awesome.

I spent the morning on Thursday sorting the tiles by letter. Went and bought a nuts and bolts drawer chest at Wally World to hold them. Everything went great until I had them all in their little drawers and realized that I had multiples(at least 4) of each letter except for V. I didn't have one single V. I guess the only word I can't spell out is LOVE but I will figure something out. I think the V's in my scrabble game are destined to become card embellishments :)

Sorry my post is late today, we had thunderstorms last night and my internet was down until noon.

Thanks for stopping by, Tomorrow I have a card that I made for a challenge on StampTV. I made a card without using any copic markers, I know... what's up with that? I used one of my past favorite techniques of watercolor to create the card. I think you will be surprised!

Have a great day!



Patti J said...

Sigh...I really miss carnivals! We have a once yearly event in town that's a fund raiser, and I guess it's 'sort of' a carnival, but nothing like the ones I remember from growing up! Great job on this card - thanks for bringing me a touch of nostalgia today!

Shar said...

How fun! Love your sunny colors and your great layout!