Monday, October 6, 2008

I added a slideshow

I have been working on this darn slideshow for two nights and finally got it to load. It isn't exactly where I want it placed but it is at least on my page. I just wanted to be able to show some of the other cards that I have been making and if you want more information on any of them just let me know and I will add details.
I made a dozen more cards over the week-end so life is good. I will add more pictures to my slideshow when I have time to take the pictures.
I got my new order of GinaK stamps today so I am set for the Christmas card making on Friday, now I just have to get my samples made between now and then.
I decided to change the template for my blog as this one is easier to read and the pictures, even though they are the same exact pictures, are much clearer. What do you think?
See you Kansas City ladies this Friday night and to everyone else, Good Night, gotta go to work to make money for stamps :)

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