Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Copic Certified!!!

Hi Everyone,
I went to Kansas City on Thursday night right after work so that I could be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for my Copic Certification class on Friday at 9 am. I was on time and didn't get lost, for which I am notorious in Kansas City, and spent the entire day learning and practicing copic marker techniques. The Air Brushing is awesome and now just another thing that I have to have!!! The class was taught by Marianne, who is the product specialist for Copic Markers, out of Eugene Oregon. Marianne made the class so much fun because she was very casual in her instruction, funny and always willing to "show" you how to do the technique correctly. I had issues with a couple of them. Funny thing is I had no problems with the hardest techniques but the supposedly simple ones, yeah, not so simple for me.
I met some really nice girls in the class, Megan from Oklahoma, Connie in KC with daughter but from Dallas, Connie from Millard (small world) and a young lady from Des Moines and I can't remember her name unfortunately. I will have to ask Megan what her name was.
With the completion of the class those attending were awarded signed certificated which states that they are qualified to teach Copic Marker techniques.
I am not sure exactly what I will be using this certification for but I have a few ideas that I may try to implement in the Omaha area.
I had a wonderful week-end with my daughter and her husband and 3 of my grandchildren, Cheyenne 8, Hayden 7 and Sierra 10 mo. The weather was beautiful so we spent some time outdoors, before bed on Saturday night I made Frankenstein cards with Cheyenne and Hayden and they did wonderful and we had a lot of fun.
I came home today and have to get back to work tomorrow. Gotta make money for more Copic Markers.
I am planning to post much more often ( I say that but then a couple of days turn into weeks, but I will try to be better). I will post some pictures of my copic technique cards in the next day or two.

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