Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's already Tuesday

Good grief, where does the time go. It seems like just yesterday that I was in Kansas City for the Copic Certification class and seeing the kids.

I went down to Blick Art Supply Store on Monday and got the basic Copic Airbrush system just to see how much I would really use it before I went crazy and bought the more expensive system.

Here is the card that I made playing with the airbrush. I used a scrap piece of vellum, masked some maple leaves on it and the sprayed orange, brown, and yellow for a nice fall background. Aren't the fall colors just yummy.

It is kind of hard to see how pretty this really is because in real life the vellum is translucent and the airbrush is a fine spray. The letters that say fall are cuttlebug and I added the three brown brads with orange paper punch spots behind them. The ribbon is from the Target Dollar Spot.

I have added some more Christmas pictures to my slideshow. I absolutely love the GinaK Christmas stamp sets. They really fit my style or simple elegance that are versatile and just the right detail.

I better wrap this up and get to bed, gotta work a long day tomorrow and Thursday to make up for missing last Friday, but taking the Copic Certification class was soo worth it.

Night all!

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