Monday, May 4, 2009

I am a chosen one-StampTV Center Stage for May

I was so excited to see lots of comments coming in on my email this afternoon. I thought it was for some of the cards that I had created over the week-end using Theresa's Out West stamp set. I was at work so I can view the email to the point that it says that you have a comment but when it is for StampTV or any other blog I can't access it. For some strange reason they think that when I am working that I should be earning my pay :), novel concept!

Center Stage is an honor selection for 10 members of GinaK Designs StampTV who submit artwork and tag it GinaK Designs. GinaK and the StampTV crew choose 10 cards to showcase and the "chosen" members get to put the Center Stage Button on their blog sidebar....totally cool!
The card that was chosen was for a GinaK Designs challenge for black and white cards. I used Melanie Muenchinger's Just so Sporty Hoody for the image, I love coloring those hoodies.

If you saw all of the awesome talent that exudes on StampTV every single day you would know what an honor it is to be chosen, especially in the second month of the award.

Not only do I get the Center Stage Button but a 10.00 credit on my next purchase from GinaK Designs, totally cool huh!

I just wanted to share my exciting news, now I have to get busy creating some projects that need to get done this week.

Thanks for stopping by.



Shannon said...

That's so cool!!!! Congrats!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

soooo kewl,You go girl!
I'm so proud of you!