Friday, February 20, 2009

I Won!!!!! GinaK's What's in the Box Reveal prize!!!

If you know me and have followed my blog from it's beginning you know that I LOVE GinaK Designs. The DT is wonderful and so inspirational and Gina is one of the most generous Stamp Company owners that you could ever find.

You all know that my dream is to one day be a guest designer for GinaK designs. I have played all of the challenges that I can and love them. I have only won once but there are sooo many people who follow GinaK Designs that I feel privileged to have won that one.

Things have been really really tight financially around here for awhile so I haven't been able to buy any GinaK stamps for a few months but I continue to play with my dearly loved sets I have.

I watched the reveal with great interest all week and finally decided, what the heck I don't have a chance of winning but I certainly can't win if I don't leave a comment so I did. I thought that GinaK Designs had come up with her own line of Designer Paper and coordinating Stamps. I guess I was kind of right but it is soo much more.

Gina K Designs has created a StampTV video tutorial site where you get to use the kits and create projects along with Gina's audio/visual narration. If you click on the Stamp TV blinkie on my sidebar it will take you to the StampTV site. Please excuse my lack of knowlege about this site right this moment but I have only watched the video once at about 2am :).

I actually went to Gina's store online today to see how much the stamp kits were and although they are very reasonably priced I knew that I could buy a set or pay the light bill. If I don't pay the light bill I have to stamp by candle light and that is too hard so I knew I couldn't get any.

I can't believe that from over 1020 comments mine was randomly chosen but I am so very thankful.

After I entered my comment I didn't think that I had a chance of winning but I knew that the drawing was today. I had gone to the store and was checking my blog for my Scavenger Hunt currently going on for Dog Gone Stamps and saw in my visitor feed that someone had come from GinaK's site. I thought, how would anybody get from GinaK's site to my blog because there is no reference to my blog from there, unless............had to go check the winner. I went to the page on GinaK's blog and scrolled down to the winner of the What's in the Box reveal prize and saw my name saying I had won and showing the comment I had left. I didn't believe it, so I closed the blog and opened it up again to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

I had really won and I was so happy it actually made me cry. I am not an emotional person so this was kind of out of character for me, but you have no idea what it really means to me.

I love my DT work for Artistic Outpost and Dog Gone Stamps but for me there is just something special about GinaK Designs and the "girls".

I can't thank Gina enough for her never ending generosity.



Heather said...

Congratulations you lucky girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, Congratulations hon!! >:0)


Connie said...

"congratulations" you lucky lady!

Lisa F said...

Congratulations! I love Gina K stamps too!

lisa808 said...