Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wonderful Surprise from Lynn-Lovely Blog Award

I was so surprised, more like shocked, today when I was looking at the latest comments on my blog and Lynn sent me a Lovely Blog Award. Lynn is also a guest designer for Artistic Outpost and an amazing talent, who never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Here is the award:

I am now supposed to send this award to 7 blogs that I love to stalk and that truly inspire me. Here is my list of my blogs, many of them don't even know that I view their blogs nearly every day but I do.


Melanie Muenchinger:

Sandra McLean:

Jessica Fick:


Cathy Tilman:

Lee Murphy:

Be sure to check out these sites they are truly Lovely and deserve this award.

I will be back later, I am working on some Artistic Outpost cards and they are really turning out better than I expected.

Thanks so much for the award Lynn.

Have a good one.



Lynn Stevens said...

You Deserve It!!

catdidit said...

Ahhh Cathy! Thank you sooo much! I got it in my email today, that I finally got set all back up, lol!

You know, I have watched you over the last few months, with your copics and learning to use them and have seen you become an awesome color-er, lol, is that a word? Seriously, I LOVE seeing that in someone! And for you to give me this, well, it has made my day!!

Theresa said...

Thank you, Cathy! You are so sweet to think of me and I so agree with Cat. Your coloring is outstanding! It has been amazing to watch you over these past months.

Melanie said...

thanks you Cathy! Your blog is lovely, too!