Saturday, October 24, 2009

I R smarter than I thought!!! LOL It happens...

I thought that Yippee 500 from Mo's Digital Pencil was apprioriate for having finally figured out how to make my photos capable of being enlarged when you double click them.  Some of you who have asked that the photos on my blog be capable of being enlarged for viewing by double clicking on them.  Now they are. 

After spending all day trying to figure out why they weren't I finally figured it out.  I had to change the settings on my camera and change the way that I edit my photos for upload too. 

From now on you will be able to view my photos larger by double clicking on them and I have edited the photos for Friday's Child and Saturday's Child so that you can view them larger.l

Today was a fun day.  My daughter and granddaughter, Bailey (2), came over for the day and we made diapers.  I am still not sure why she wants to do this but I was willing to assist as her contention is that my sewing machine and serger don't like her.  LOL 

I hope to get more coloring done tonight and a few cards assembled tomorrow.

So Yippee!!! I did it!  I hope you enjoy being able to view the photos larger if desired.

Hope you are having a great week-end!



Summerthyme Studio said...

This is one gorgeous Card!!! Love it!


Lynn Stevens said...

I guess were never too old to learn or you can teach an old dog new tricks. thats my motto!!!
beautiful card!